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Stopping Precision, Control and Power

All made possible with the greatest engineering and manufacturing expertise.

Specialist in passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles.

Brake pad and brake shoe

About Us

IBK Automotive Malaysia started as a modest business entity in Malaysia, and has grown to cover and export to the international market. Following IBK’s global expansion, new factories and successful Research & Development specialist teams were created to fulfil Our Mission.


IBK has always gained recognition for its quality management processes and brake product accreditations, such as the Malaysian SIRIM quality award and E-Mark certification.

Our Principles

We believe that superior quality of the raw materials ensures reliable finished brake pads and brake shoes. Our stringent quality controls start from the sourcing of raw materials from suppliers worldwide. With years of expertise and experience, IBK is proud to be regarded as a brake manufacturer leader. Every decision is driven by our goal to provide the highest standard of products and services to our customers.

​We are committed towards continually innovating our approach to stay relevant in the braking industry.

Our Mission

  • To materialise our customers’ need of having the optimal friction material - with maximum safety in operation, excellent wear resistance, quiet and superior performance 

  • We continuously pursue this mandate, ultimately achieving the best product quality and durability in the friction material industry

  • Making Your Safety Our Priority

Go-Kart Driver

Objectives and Strategies

  • To achieve a renowned brand name as an international automotive friction brake parts producer

  • Specialist in brake parts for all types of vehicles

  • To develop professional teams for the growth alongside of partners and customers, assisting to succeed and thrive in the markets

  • Embark on a series of international trade shows and exhibitions, namely The Automechanika, MATRADE, and other exhibitions from around the globe

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