Research & Development

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Testing Equipment

Dynamometer Test Equipment
  • New formula verification

  • Production inspection

  • New test procedure calibration

  • Laboratory brake performance study

Shear Test Equipment
  • Process control

  • Shear strength test

  • New formula shear force test

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Compressibility Test Equipment
  • Process control

  • Friction material test

  • Compressibility test at various temperature 

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Friction level Test Equipment
  • Process control

  • Friction coefficient test

  • New formula friction coefficient analyser 

Material Test Equipment
  • Analytical balance

  • Supplier material test

  • Incoming material quality inspection

  • New material analysis 

PhysicalTest Equipment
  • Process control

  • Production inspection

  • New formula verification

On-Road Vehicle Test
  • In situ test on the vehicle to verify brake performance

  • Use local vehicle and OEM brake system for testing

Quality Control
  • Sample are selected from every batch of parts for inspection

  • Production cannot proceed and the whole batch will be recalled if sample tested from any batch is defective

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Quality Assurance Inspection
  • During the production process, QA will check the quality of the product by randomly selecting sample

  • QA will ensure that the product meet the required specification

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